Celebrating Boss’s Day: Are You A Boss?

Today is Boss’s Day!

Boss Day

 Being a boss is many things.  It is sometimes being in charge of the actions of others.  Being the person they report to, the person they complain to.It includes being the person that sometimes takes the heat for the rest of the group.  Sometimes it also means being the person who has to lean on people to get a job done.  It also means you get the pleasure of watching people grow and learn and become leaders themselves.  It means you get to be their cheerleader at times.   It means being happy for other’s successes. 


Are You A Boss?


Are you a boss?  If you are self-employed I hope you treated yourself to something special today to celebrate. 


What is the best thing about being a boss?   What is the worst thing about being the boss? Please share your “Boss” thoughts.


Happy Boss’s Day!

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating Boss’s Day: Are You A Boss?

  1. Carolina HeartStrings says:

    Yes I am a boss. I have two employees that prob didn't have a clue that today was bosses day. no matter. They often show me during the course of the year some appreciation by doing some things that are beyond their job description.

  2. tech lady says:

    It is nice when our employees are appreciative. I also make an effort to be appreciative of my employees as well.

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