I’m a Winner – Free Hershey Park Tickets!

I won 4 FREE Tickets to Hershey Park!  Also known as the “Sweetest Place on Earth.”

I’m a Winner – Free Hershey Park Tickets!

Several months ago I entered a contest on a website, ABC & Garden Peas.  It was Hershey Ticketssponsored by Hershey’s “Sweetest Moms” blogging group.  Almost 4,000 people were entered into the contest.

Much to my happy surprise, I won!  I wasn’t the first winner, or the second winner, or the third winner, but they all failed to respond to the email saying they won.  You snooze you lose!   I responded in no time flat and scored the tickets.

Finding a Date

Road TripThey arrived in the mail (proof that I actually won!) and we started looking at the calendar for a date that would suit my husband, son, his girlfriend, and my schedule.

There was just way too much going on this year and we couldn’t agree on a date.  So my son, Neal and his girlfriend, Alexis,  made the trip in August and Mike and I are doing the road trip today.

Fun, fun, fun!  I enjoy amusement park rides and spending time with my husband,Mike.  It is a beautiful day and I plan to enjoy every minute!

Take A Chance!

So the big takeaway here is to take a chance and enter contests online.  YOU can win!   And if you do win, respond.  Check your email and reply.  You never know what or where you might win awesome tickets to visit.

We are off to have fun and ride some roller coasters!

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