About Robin

About Robin

I’m happy to meet you here.  I’m a wife, mom, entrepreneur, daughter, sister, and so much more.   I work full-time for a school district as their Chief Information Officer (CIO).  In my free time, I love spending it with my family.   I like to travel, write, do social media, read, cook, scrapbook and celebrate the happy times in life.  My favorite place in all the world is the beach!

My son, Neal,  is 21 and is a Senior in college.  (That is just so hard to believe!) I love being a parent.  Being a mom is the most important role I will ever have.  I know that every moment counts and each decision affects the future.    This blog will include lots of those times.

My husband, Michael,  is my biggest cheerleader.  Without him, I couldn’t do half of the things I accomplish.   I would be totally lost without his support.   Together we make a decent team and we have worked hard to raise our son in a loving, nurturing environment.

We are very busy with each of us being involved in a variety of activities.  I enjoyed supporting my son in his many extracurricular activities in high school.  We are all involved in our church and various community activities.   As a family we enjoy traveling, entertaining, kayaking, and cooking.  We are a fun-loving family as you will read in our adventures.

This Blog

This blog will chronicle  our travels, the things we do as a family, the obstacles we run into, the food, the fun, the celebrations, the disappointments, and most of all the everyday things that we often overlook.

I will also be discussing the things I enjoy and know about such as traveling, social media, recipes, books, and things I am learning about, like a healthier lifestyle.   One thing you will learn about me….I am constantly learning about new things.  I love trying new recipes and I’m on a mission to be healthier and more organized.  I try to avoid taking medications and use natural products as much as possible.  Another mission of mine is to inspire and empower other women to value themselves.  Most of you are so much more than a wife, a mother, or an employee…YOU are special and I want to remind you often.    I will blog about all these things!

The most important thing I want you to know about this blog, is I want and need you to tell me what you think.  I want to know your opinion, your views, your thoughts, and ideas.   I want to learn from you as well.

So thanks for being here.  I hope you come back often.  Welcome!

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  1. Partisimon says:

    Dear Miss Robin,

    Today I read about you here: __http://www.bbc.com/indonesia/vert_cap/2016/08/160815_vert_cap_pekerjaan_sampingan

    So I try to search and find your web…

    It is nice to read your blog …. nice blog… many useful info here…



    Sintang – Indonesia

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