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Celebrate Home Office Organization Day

Are you still struggling with clutter?  I am!  What about your home office?  Mine seems to be one of the worst clutter areas.

Today is National Organize Your Home Office Day.

Home Office Organization Day

My Dilemma

Recently, my son invited a friend to stay at our home for a week during spring break. My home office was a total wreck, there was no way I wanted anyone to see the mess.

So to prepare for our guest I not only wanted the main areas of our home to be “spic and span” clean, but I wanted my son’s room to be organized and my home office to be decluttered and organized.

I don’t think anyone in my home thought I could pull it off.  I had boxes and boxes of stuff.  Papers, magazines, tax papers, books, memorabilia, and the list goes on. It looked more like a warehouse than a home office. I hate to say this, but much of it was trash.

Big Job

This was going to be a big job.

I carted at least 5 large garbage bags of trash out of my home office. Then I began organizing.

clutterThe problem I ran into was in some of the boxes I had multiple things including trash.  So even though at first glance it might have looked like something I could pitch, I couldn’t just throw it away, I had to go through the contents.  Not sure why I kept some of it to start with, but I sure didn’t need all that stuff.


I went through several boxes.  Organized a lot of stuff and then carted a few boxes to the attic to sort at a later time.

But the big news is the room is presentable.  Even my son was impressed with my progress.

Next Steps

Office organizedMy home office isn’t perfect, but I enjoy going in the room a lot more and now I’m ready to go to the next level.

I have Cynthia Alexander’s book,  Get Your Home Office Organized: Cut the Clutter and Watch Your Productivity Soar.  Included in the book is a 30-day step-by-step plan for organizing your home office.

Cynthia is a professional organizer in the Dallas area, you can connect with her online at Breakfree From Clutter and Dallas Organizing.

As Cynthia says, “The best first  and next step to organizing your home office is the one that you will actually do.”

Organize Your Home Office Day

In honor of National Organize Your Home Office Day, I’m starting the 30-day home office organization plan to do an even better job of decluttering and organizing my home office.

So what about you?  How are you celebrating National Organize Your Home Office Day?

Help to Conquer Your Clutter

Do you ever feel like you spend half your life hunting for things?   I’ve been on a mission to conquer clutter.  I bet you want to conquer your clutter too!

Many of us have a clutter or organization problem. You feel like you are getting ahead of it and then bam you are right back where you started.  Something gets you off track and you loose ground.

Conquer Your Clutter


Conquer Your Clutter

You often feel like you’re just one step away from flat-out crazy. Just when you get one closet decluttered, you find another closet door that won’t shut. Or when you finally get your inbox empty, another stack of papers comes in the mail.

So you start feeling desperate, wondering how to find the time to develop a system that works for you, how to squeeze in more decluttering, and how on earth you can get your family to participate. You wind up feeling MORE overwhelmed than you were in the first place.

But what if you could find systems that work for you, not against you? Solutions that will – at last! – be the organizational remedy you’ve been waiting for?

An Answer

Well, I think I’ve found some resources to help you: The Conquer Your Clutter Super Bundle from the Ultimate Bundles team.

It’s a curated collection of 38 eBooks, eCourses, and printable planners to help you organize your life, created by people who’ve learned how to conquer all the different types of clutter (physical, mental, digital) in their life – and win!

The combined value of the resources in the toolkit is over $650, but you get EVERYTHING for 95% off!

Check it out here: https://us154.isrefer.com/go/clutter/a1488/

If you’ve struggled to find systems to help you streamline your life and inject some much-needed peace into your home, the Conquer Your Clutter Super Bundle will remove that barrier for you.

What is Included?

Wondering what is included?   Is there something that will help you?   Check it out!

Cleaning & Chores

  • 2017 Motivated Moms Chore Planner by Susan Cramer ($9.00)
  • 30 Day Guide to a Clean and Organized Home  by Rachel Jones ($27.97)
  • Energy Budget: Time Management for the Chronically Ill (And Others With Long-Term Roadblocks) by Rachel Ramey ($78.00)
  • The Three Systems Every Family Needs by Saren Loosli ($24.00)


  • Chaos To Clutter-Free: 16 Realistic Steps To An Organized Home by Davonne Parks ($4.99)
  • Freed from Clutter: Declutter Course  by Becky Mansfield ($47.00)
  • Step-By-Step Decluttering: Your Guide To Less Stuff And An Uncluttered Home by Sarah Mueller ($15.00)

Family Organization    

  • 30 Days To An Organized Life by Kimberlee Stokes ($9.00)
  • Home Management For The Homeschool Mom: Simplifying The Big Things So You Don’t Miss The Little Things by Amy Roberts ($9.99)
  • Home Organizing DIY Assessment Workbook by Andi Willis ($7.00)
  • Organizing For School Success Kit by Saren Loosli ($27.00)
  • Organizing Life As Mom by Jessica Fisher ($12.00)
  • Sanity Savers For Christian Moms: Simple Solutions For A More Joy-filled Life! by Kristi Clover ($5.99)

Managing Your Time    

  • 5 Days To A Better Morning by Crystal Paine ($2.99)
  • Mindspace: 10 Practices To Help You Let Go Of Mental Clutter And Make Room For More Joyful, Creative Living by Melissa Camara Wilkins ($9.99)
  • Never-Ending To-Do List: A One-Hour Solution for Busy Parents Who Want  Less Stress And More Fun by Kelly Holmes ($4.99)
  • Routine Cards by Rachel Norman ($6.00)
  • Spend Your Days: How to Control Time with Rocks, Bullets, Chisels, & a Boat by Tsh Oxenreider ($8.00)

Meal Planning

  • Meal Planning Made Easy by Kelly Smith ($7.95)
  • The Printable Recipe Binder Kit by Kalyn Brooke ($12.00)
  • The Ultimate Guide To Freezer Cooking by Crystal Barton ($10.00)

Organizing Paperwork & Digital Files

  • 10 Steps To Organizing Photos & Memorabilia by Lisa Woodruff ($3.95)
  • 2017 Budget Planner by Jessi Fearon ($19.97)
  • Evernote Essentials by Brett Kelly ($29.00)
  • Paperwork: Sorted! by Chrissy Halton ($12.39)
  • Spend Well Budgeting System: Printable Files To Help You Take Control Of Your Finances by Carrie Lindsey ($5.99)
  • The Sunday Basket: Weekly Paper Organizing & Planning by Lisa Woodruff ($7.95)
  • The Ultimate Unofficial Dropbox Guide by Jason Glaspey ($29.00)


  • 2017 All Inclusive Binder by Mique Provost ($19.99)
  • Christmas Planner by Mandi Ehman 2017 ($4.00)
  • 2017 Homestead Management Printables by Quinn Veon ($8.99)
  • Thanksgiving Planner by Mandi Ehman 2017 ($3.00)
  • Homekeeping Foundations Kit: The Perfect DIY Homekeeping Binder Kit by Clean Mama ($20.00)
  • Homeschool Mom Life Binder by Heather Bowen ($19.99)
  • How To Create Your Own Printables by Laura Smith ($49.00)
  • Printable Planner Stickers by Rachael Wynn ($28.46)
  • The Home Management Binder & Family Planner by Helena Alkhas ($47.00)
  • Wanderlist: Your Travel Planning Toolkit by Kimberly Tate ($12.99)

Getting Started Guide

Worried you won’t know where to start with all the resources in the bundle? Don’t be! Inside the bundle you’ll find a handy Getting Started Guide so you can take action right away.

I hope you take advantage of this great discounted bundle of organization products.

P.S. Remember to buy The Conquer Your Clutter bundle before it expires on Monday, January 30th at 11:59 PM EST!

Get yours now: https://us154.isrefer.com/go/clutter/a1488/

Too Much?

geralt / Pixabay

Have you ever had too much of anything?    Too many clothes?  Too many magazines?  Too many appointments and meetings?   Too many obligations?   Too many debts?   Too many shoes?  Too many supplies for your hobby?   Too many dishes, cooking utensils, appliances?

How does it make you feel when you have too much of something?

I have too many clothes, too many magazines, too many appointments, and too many supplies for my scrapbooking hobby.   I’m in the process of finding a new home for many of my clothes, trashing magazines, saying no to new obligations and appointments, and selling many of my scrapbooking supplies.

How did it get to this point?

For me there are many reasons.  I have always liked clothes.  When I see something I like, I usually purchase it.  As my size has changed I have purchased clothes to match and 2014-01-01 23.35.47probably have 3 or 4 different wardrobes of clothes.   You keep them thinking well I will lose a few pounds and it will look nice, or I better keep this in case I gain some weight.    Clothes don’t have a sentimental value to me.  But I hate parting with something I haven’t gotten my money’s worth out of.   I’m getting better at this. purchasing less and giving away more.  If I haven’t worn it in 2 years I probably won’t.   If I lose or gain the weight so it will fit, it will be out of style.  And the cost of the space to keep all these clothes is expensive.

Magazines are a different story.  I love reading them.   I love the information I get from them.  I think I am an information junkie!  Now if I could just remember everything I read, I would have it made.   I subscribe to several magazines.  I often purchase others at the grocery counter.  My mom gets a bunch and sends them to me to read when she is finished.  So all in all I probably get 8 – 10 magazines per month.  That is a lot.   Then there is the problem that I have a hard time pitching them till I have at least looked through them.  Heaven forbid I would throw one away and miss that great recipe or fact about something!  I can laugh about it and make fun of it on here…but it is an issue.  I am getting better, but I have to force myself to pitch them after so long if I haven’t read them.  I have been making that time-frame shorter and shorter and it has gotten easier, but I still have too many!

Why do we say ‘YES’ to so many appointments and obligations?   Why don’t we just say “NO”?  For some, I think they like to be busy, they don’t know what to do with down time or time alone.   For others it is a fear of using the big “NO” word.  They are afraid people won’t like them anymore if they use it.  Another reason we often say “YES” is because it makes us feel important.  If people are asking YOU to do something, then YOU must be special.   For others it is control, they like to be in charge of everything.  Often it is because we don’t want to miss a fantastic opportunity.   What if we say “NO” to that joint venture and then it is a big success?   For me it is probably a tiny bit of most of these.  Except the part about not knowing what to do with downtime.  I have no problem finding stuff to do.  But in all honesty…sometimes I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings by saying “NO.”  I often feel I need an explanation, when really we don’t.  We just need to say ‘NO.”   When people ask you to do things or be in charge of something it does sometimes make you feel important, but I’m over that…now it often just makes me feel stressed.  I have enough on my plate and do not need more.  But I confess I am a bit of a control freak at times and I hate the thought of missing out on a great opportunity.   But through prayer, I am realizing that most of life is beyond our control.  The only thing we can control is how we react to life.   And I have come to realize that if I say “YES” to too many things, there will be NO room in my life for what is most important or that opportunity that trumps all others.  So I’m learning how to say that big “NO” word.

ScrapHobbies are fun but can become expensive and a huge collection of items you don’t even remember you have.  I love the idea of scrapbooking.  Saving those memories of times that are so precious.  I have always loved pictures and love the feelings that are shared when people look back at pictures and remember what great times they had.   I have spent hundreds, probably thousands on scrapbooking supplies.   I have empty albums, stickers. pages, page protectors, glue, etc.  I could scrapbook every day for the next year and probably still have supplies left.   I have supplies I don’t even remember I have, so I used to go buy more.   Then digital scrapbooking came along.   I found I was much faster on a computer than I was with paper and glue.   So I started scrapbooking digitally.   Then I started my business and my time for scrapbooking was greatly diminished.   I fear selling all the stuff I have since I have pages started and probably need some of these supplies to complete certain years of my son’s life in scrapbook.  But others I won’t need since I will do it all digitally.  but I don’t know which items fall into which category.

So there you have it….the reason I have way TOO MUCH stuff!   My whole life is cluttered with it.  it is valuable stuff to someone, but it just feels very smothering to me!     I’m on a mission in 2014 to make some changes.  I’ll be talking about some of these changes as the year progresses.  Feel free to follow along.

How about you?  Do you have too much of anything?  Any tips you can provide for learning to say “NO?”


Are You Doing Too Much ?

Are You Doing Too Much ?

Do you ever say “Yes” to too many things?  Over-commit and then feel a sense of overwhelm?  All these things due at once and not sure where to begin?

I sometimes feel that way.   Beginning always seems to be the hardest part.   Usually because we don’t know where to begin.

Saying No

I’m learning to say “No.”   But let’s face it there are lots of things I want to say “Yes” to.  And if you are employed, there are lots of things you don’t get a say in.  I have a tip that I use to help get my many projects completed.  Maybe it will help you to.  Check out my video and find out.

***Note….fair warning…this was a lack of sufficient sleep, no makeup, bad hair day rolled into one!

So do you have any tips to add to help get projects completed when you say “Yes” to often or are overwhelmed?